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Tonvara Turmeric+ Curcumin Extract with Ginger Root & Piperine - UPGRADED FORMULA!

Tonvara Turmeric+ Curcumin Extract with Ginger Root & Piperine - UPGRADED FORMULA!
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Powerful combination of herbs and spices

 NEW FORMULA now has even higher levels of Curcumin at the same price as the original formula

Help maintain joint and digestive health

Greatly increase bioavailability

Popular anti-aging supplement

Key Combination Of Herbs & Spices
Tonvara Turmeric+ contains a carefully formulated combination of herbs and spices that are known for their ability to help maintain joint and digestive health. Our new upgraded formula now offers even more effectiveness.

Powerful Antioxidant
Curcumin is the main active constituent of Turmeric and is a strong antioxidant thought to be responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties and its positive effects on digestion. The addition of Ginger Root and Bromelain reinforce these actions and also help increase absorption. Oxidation and inflammation are believed to play a role in aging and Curcumin has therefore become very popular in anti-aging supplements.

Alleviate IBS
The high Curcumin levels in Turmeric+ can also make it helpful in alleviating the symptoms of diagnosed IBS.

Greatly Enhanced Absorption
Curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, which is why Turmeric+ contains absorption enhancing Piperine (Black Pepper) that can raise levels of absorption of Curcumin by over 2000%!

UPDATE: Turmeric shown to boost memory and attention span in the elderly in a recent study...

Active ingredients per capsule:

Turmeric 20:1 Extract 400mg
equivalent to: Turmeric 8,000mg
which provides: 95% Curcumin 380mg

Turmeric Root Powder 50mg

Bromelain 8mg

Black Pepper Extract 5.5mg
which provides: 95% Piperine 5mg

Ginger Root 100mg
naturally contains Gingerols

Recommended Intake
One or two capsule a day with food.

You are advised to check with your doctor before using Turmeric+ if your are taking prescribed blood thinning or reflux medications.

Customer Reviews
Tonvara Turmeric+ Curcumin Extract with Ginger Root & Piperine - UPGRADED FORMULA!
(2 Reviews):  
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It works
Saturday, 22 April 2017  |  J

I have just started to use this and am very happy. It does what it says on the box!

New product
Thursday, 20 April 2017  |  Vincent

I've been taking these for only few days now. 1 in am and 1 in pm. I'm not sure if there's anything significant to notice yet...I purchased them to just improve overall health hopefully specifically targeting the GI tract health. Nothing negative to report yet so 4 stars. The ingredient list looks great and capsules go down easy. I can update if I notice anything. Thanks.