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Tonvara Amino22:XL Amino Booster with Patented Young Tissue Extract (YTE) - similar to Laminine

Tonvara Amino22:XL Amino Booster with Patented Young Tissue Extract (YTE) - similar to Laminine
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Temporarily out of stock.


Contains patented Norwegian Young Tissue Extract (YTE®) + natural extracts

YTE® contains 22 vital amino acids

Reduce stress and improve brain functions

Increase libido and sexual vitality

350mg of Young Tissue Extract (YTE®) per capsule

Ships worldwide within 48 hours in letterbox friendly food grade flat plastic bottles

Innovative Natural Supplement

Amino22:XL is an innovative natural supplement that we believe is one of the very best and most effective dietary food supplements of its kind available anywhere. Furthermore, its more modest retail price represents much better value than most alternative amino boosters such as Laminine.

Patented Norwegain YTE®
The primary active natural ingredient in Amino22:XL capsules is Norwegian Young Tissue Extract (YTE®) which is a unique patented extract that naturally contains all of the 22 vital amino acids that everybody needs. YTE® is a nutrient that is extracted from the white of fertilised hens eggs that have been incubated for precisely 9 days.

Ethical Extraction

YTE® contains all the building blocks that are necessary for maintaining the mental energy that is necessary to cope with the pressures of modern life. It is a 100% natural product made from fertilised and partially incubated hens eggs that have undergone a rapid restructuring of the amino acids, resulting in the formation of new and potent peptides. This restructuring is a vital element in the forming of an embryo but ethically, before the formation of a viable embryo, the patent process extracts all the valuable nutrients from the pure egg white.

Plus Selected Natural Extracts

To further boost its effectiveness Amino22:XL also contains L-Arginine, Inulin and Octocosanol:

This is one of the important amino acids already contained in YTE®. An additional amount has been added to Amino22:XL to further enhance improvements in libido and increases in overall sexual vitality. It is also believed to aid the bioavailability and therefore increase the effectiveness of YTE®.
This is a soluble dietary fibre derived from the Chicory plant. Unlike most carbohydrates, Inulin is non-digestible which allows it to pass through the small intestine and ferment in the large intestine. During this beneficial fermentation process, the Inulin transforms into healthy and necessary intestinal micro flora (bifidobacterium - sometimes referred to as "friendly bacteria") which can help with body waste elimination processes and is added to Amino22:XL to further enhance the positive metabolic effects of YTE®.
The positive effects and bioavailability of the amino acids in YTE® are even further enhanced by the addition of Octocosanol, which is primarily extracted from rice bran. As it can also help increase strength and endurance by enhancing oxygen uptake, it may be of particular additional benefit to bodybuilders, athletes or for anyone wishing to remain physically active.

Better Than Laminine?
Amino22:XL has been compared to Laminine but Amino22:XL represents much better value. Laminine capsules are usually at least £1 each but if you buy 240 capsules of Amino22:XL, you will be paying just over 28p per capsule - that's almost a quarter of the price of Laminine for what we consider to be a superior supplement.

Recommended Intake as a Dietary Supplement
2 capsules twice a day for the first month, then 2 capsules a day.

YTE® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Norwegian/US patent holders.

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Customer Reviews
Tonvara Amino22:XL Amino Booster with Patented Young Tissue Extract (YTE) - similar to Laminine
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Very happy
Wednesday, 21 February 2018  |  Dayle

I have now taken I bottle of Tonvara Amino22:XL . they are exactly what I ordered. I have been taking Norwegian Young Tissue Extract for 7 years now. I have tried other brands and I have found Tonvara Amino22:XL to compare highly in the market on product and price. I am very happy with the product and delivery. Well done Tonvara.

Best for health
Monday, 12 June 2017  |  Richard

Tonvara amino is one of the best.

Not sure
Monday, 5 June 2017  |  Arthur

Might be good for brain health and overall vitality, but not sure about stamina/libido/sexual vitality, which are the effects I anticipated.

Reply from David at Tonvara:

As with any natural supplements some users may experience differing degrees of effectiveness with specific functions. For the anticipated effects you mention, we have alternative supplements that may be more suitable.

Miracle Supplement
Monday, 7 November 2016  |  Patrick

I've been taking this stuff for 4 1/2 years with another company. It enables the body to heal itself. I have proof of this. I'm finishing up my old order first, then will start taking Amino22. Best supplement out there, hands down.

Feeling better
Friday, 14 October 2016  |  Ivan

Improvements in constitution and sleep. Hope it keeps up. Thanks.

Quick order
Friday, 10 June 2016  |  Rudi

Nice service , good pricing and good supplements!

Good service
Wednesday, 20 January 2016  |  Lisa

Excellent fast delivery. Sleeping improving already.

Feeling better
Wednesday, 6 January 2016  |  HL

Feeling overall improvements after less than a week. Thanks.

New for me
Wednesday, 16 December 2015  |  Laxmi

I have not heard about this before but my friends tell me it is good, so I try it.

Nice price
Friday, 4 December 2015  |  Harry

Laminine is much more popular but I'm glad I found this product - same stuff but a much lower price.
Thanks, Harry

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