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Tonvara Natural Supplements is a UK based brand owned and operated by Tonvara Limited. It has been operating securely online for over ten years and has always concentrated on selling a small inventory of the highest quality pure natural dietary supplements, most of which are potent single extract products that do not contain any fillers or unnecessary additives.

High Quality Not High Profile

We don't spend vast amounts of money on endless hype but instead we concentrate on providing the best quality supplements at the most competitive prices. This does mean that we will never be as well known as the big brands but we firmly believe that our products are equal or better than some of those over-hyped high profile brands.

Never Any "Proprietary Blends" Here

You won't find any dubious "proprietary blends" in any of our products. Did you know that it is not a legal requirement to declare the contents of a proprietary blend, so for less scrupulous sellers, it's a good place to hide cheap and useless fillers?? Most of our supplements are single extract products with nothing added except the minimum necessary non-active ingredients required to make and maintain viable tablets or efficiently mechanically fill capsules. These are industry standard safe and inert additives that are in every single tablet and capsule on the market, irrespective of who you buy them from, whether they are declared or not. We always keep any additives to the lowest amounts possible and if it doesn’t absolutely need to be there, we don’t use it.

Secure Online Transactions

Our entire site is fully SSL encrypted and your purchases are securely processed in partnership with SagePay, one of the most respected and trusted online payment processors.

Exemplary Customer Service

We place consistently effective product quality, first class customer service, and online security as our top priorities and if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you.