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Tonvara AjugaTurk Genuine Uzbekistan Turkesterone from Ajuga Turkestanica Extract with AmberBoost for double the power

Tonvara AjugaTurk Genuine Uzbekistan Turkesterone from Ajuga Turkestanica Extract with AmberBoost for double the power
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In Stock  

In Stock

 Genuine Uzbekistan Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (ATE)

ATE contains guaranteed minimum 10% Turkesterone &10% Ecdysterone

Eastern European pure food grade Succinic Acid (AmberBoost)

Highly effective muscle building protein conversion

Fat reduction & even faster exercise recovery - whatever your sport

Powerful adaptogen - lower stress and fatigue levels

100mg Uzbekistan Ajuga Turkestanica Extract per capsule

50mg Of Eastern European AmberBoost per capsule

Now in small easy to take vegetable cellulose capsules

Ships worldwide within 48 hours in letterbox friendly food grade flat plastic bottles


Not Just For Bodybuilders
Whilst its powerful protein converting muscle building qualities are well known to many serious natural bodybuilders, it is maybe less well known that whatever your sport, you can get great benefits from AjugaTurk. It can help with faster exercise recovery from just about any sporting activity. It also has powerful adaptogenic properties to help lower fatigue levels, giving you more energy and stamina. It can also help lower stress levels, which could give you a vital edge in competitive sports. So whatever your sports activity, Tonvara AjugaTurk is an awesome natural supplement that can help you to raise your game!

Latest Supplement Research
The latest cutting edge dietary sports supplement research by a leading Professor of plant chemistry in Uzbekistan has verified that a careful blend of the right kind of pure Succinic Acid (also known as Amber Acid) with genuine Uzbekistan Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (ATE) works powerfully together at a molecular level to boost the bioavailability and double the protein conversion muscle building power and all the other positive benefits of the Turkesterone and Ecdysterone in ATE. Our original Tonvara TrueTurk was considered by many serious natural bodybuilders and athletes to be the benchmark for genuine Turkesterone dietary sports supplements. AjugaTurk with added Succinic Acid (AmberBoost), raises that benchmark way beyond any comparable supplement and gives you double the protein conversion power for even faster muscle gains. Our previous TrueTurk gave bodybuilders and athletes faster recovery and recent trials with AjugaTurk ATE plus AmberBoost have demonstrated an impressive additional 30% improvement in exercise recovery! If all that wasn't enough AjugaTurk also works as a powerful adaptogen to help anyone in any sport or living a modern fast paced lifestyle to reduce stress and fatigue.

AmberBoost - The Natural Booster
Succinic Acid can be derived from a number of different ethical sources and has a lot of variants that have been safely used in numerous consumer food products for decades but it is important to select the right one for each specific use. Through our professional connections in Uzbekistan, who were responsible for the original groundbreaking research, we have sourced a very special Eastern European extract. It is called AmberBoost and it is a very pure extract that has passed stringent  food standards agency allergen and heavy metal tests and is the same one tested by those original Uzbekistan researchers, so we know it’s the most safe and effective food grade ingredient to power up AjugaTurk. The precise combination of genuine Uzbekistan ATE and our specifically sourced pure AmberBoost is the key to the consistent doubling of its power. There will be others who will try to replicate our supplement but without access to the perfect raw materials and the necessary high precision processing, it is unlikely that they will ever come close to the awesome power of new AjugaTurk.

Superb Natural Adaptogen Combination
And AjugaTurk is not just for bodybuilders. As well as being one of the best protein converters on the planet, it also possesses powerful natural adaptogen properties that can help you whatever your sport. Succinic Acid and ATE both have known adaptogen properties and their unique combination in AjugaTurk provides an extremely effective way to help your body cope with stress and fatigue and restore its metabolic balance. Everybody naturally produces Succinic Acid but modern diets often lack enough "fuel" for the production of sufficient Succinic Acid to maintain balanced body functions. The AmberBoost in AjugaTurk can help to naturally restore that balance. So it's power is not restricted to bodybuilders but can be used by anyone, whatever your sport or for people "on the go" looking for a safe, effective and natural way to help cope with modern lifestyles.

Highest Quality Genuine ATE
The ATE in AjugaTurk is the same 100mg per capsule of the highest quality Uzbekistan sourced Ajuga Turkestanica Extract that has always been used in TrueTurk with a minimum guaranteed 10% Turkesterone and 10% Ecdysterone. With its careful blending with AmberBoost, it has double the power effectively giving you 20% Turkesterone and 20% Ecdysterone. The remaining percentage in ATE consists of beneficial phytonutrients such as cyasterone, ajugalactone, ajugasterone and a-ecdysone, which are all directly related to Turkesterone and further enhance its effectiveness.

Recommended Intake
A daily dose of two to four capsules. This is only a basic recommendation and users may wish to adjust intake according to exercise routines, diet and lifestyle.
For bodybuilders regular high protein intake is vital for the very best benefits from this extract.

Tonvara AjugaTurk was recently featured prominently at the prestigious Uzbekistan Strongman Convention and also at the Proform Gym where many of the entrants train.

Uzbek bodybuilders have always known about the benefits of Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (ATE). The source plant is native to their country. AjugaTurk takes it to the next level with the addition of Succinic Acid that effectively doubles the power of ATE. This gives bodybuilders a powerful natural way to efficiently convert protein into solid muscle.

There was a lot of interest in AjugaTurk because it contains considerably more ATE than any local Uzbek brand. The bodybuilders attending the competition are also aware that AjugaTurk is produced using what is probably the most consistently pure and potent ATE available anywhere in Uzbekistan.

We would like to thank Timur Turakhozhaev and Timur Sabirov for all their hard work to ensure the success of this promotion. Photos courtesy of professional Uzbek photographer Boris Nedosekov.

Customer Reviews
Tonvara AjugaTurk Genuine Uzbekistan Turkesterone from Ajuga Turkestanica Extract with AmberBoost for double the power
(84 Reviews):  
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How did I not know about Tonvara?
Monday, 2 August 2021  |  Syed

Bought Ajuga... Should have bought more it went out of stock so soon. Will definitely buy more.

Delivery was prompt and I love the product packaging. On a cut now so trying to maintain strength and muscle. It seems to be helping. Other products seems to be working as well.

Should have known about this excellent supplier earlier.

Reply from David at Tonvara:

Good luck :)

Seems to be genuine, which is great!
Saturday, 24 July 2021  |  Christian

Relatively fast shipping and since Ive got it and taken it for about a week now it seems to be doing its job or it might be placebo. Great product none the less, and excited to see more results down the line.

Extremely Effective
Friday, 23 July 2021  |  Nathanael

First off I want to commend the fast delivery ó it dispatched in about 5 minutes and was through my letterbox the next day! But this supplement really works, itís the real deal. I feel leaner but Iím stronger than ever despite not tracking my calories or working out as much recently. I hit a 90kg bench after not working out for a week which is a PB for me ó a heavier weight than when I was tracking calories & weighed a few KG more. The only difference here is this supplement so Iíve got to attribute it to this as I havenít changed my workout programme/diet etc, if anything Iím not as strict. Incredible stuff!

Everything good
Monday, 7 June 2021  |  Victor

Package arrived as expected, only 1 week trying this product but i can see already some inprovements in strength

Very good for strength
Saturday, 5 June 2021  |  Iosif

It's helping you with endurance my lift went up it's good for strength and bulking lts giveing you fullness on the muscles it's not for cutting or to look dry if you want to increase your lift it's very good alternative

Sunday, 30 May 2021  |  Angelo

fantastic product would buy again

Great product.
Thursday, 21 January 2021  |  Jackson

A great addition to my training, I would never go the non natural route, really glad there is another option. Great service too, delivery was rapid.

Love this Stuff
Saturday, 16 January 2021  |  Samuel

only used for 2 weeks so far and muscles already feel fuller and way harder i have been taking 4 capsules a day and in the short time ive been on it i can definitely say it works i have better recovery,im stronger in the gym, i am hungrier and it gives me a good sense of well being which is awesome i eat moderate amount of protein as well i am sure with higher protein intake i would have even better results definitely recommend my only con so far is that it is quite expensive but this stuff is the real deal and is actually potent unlike other companies so i can see why the price is high

Reply from David at Tonvara:

Great review. Thank you!

More Turk More Work
Friday, 15 January 2021  |  George

The guy who brought my attention to this supplement just couldn't keep up with my demands, so I come here, bought 120 capsules for half the price as the other guy on Fri the 1st, order was completed and shipped on Mon the 4th and arrived to me in New York two weeks later on Thu 14th, 14 days to ship from UK to NY, I've dealt with worse.
It looks just like the stuff from the other guy, a light sandy color, the only difference is this uses AmberBoost, a Succinic acid to help oral bio availability whereas the other guy uses HP-β-CD

Tonvara AjugaTurk
Monday, 11 January 2021  |  Steve

Got a pack of 60 and have been using 4 per day as directed - on day 12 currently and hard to say if there's really much of an effect. Recovery may be slightly better. Need to try a longer cycle to form an objective opinion which is easier said than done because getting onto this site has been a nightmare as it seems to have been constantly down - have been trying to get on every day for nearly 2 weeks (checking in every day on different devices) so re-ordering a larger quantity has been impossible.

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