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The online marketplace for natural dietary supplements is filled with an ever-growing choice of companies selling a vast array of products. It is regrettable that not all of those products are as beneficial as they should be but how do you tell the good from the not so good?

Check The Standards
See what legitimate assurances are offered that govern the manufacture of supplement tablets and capsules. For instance, do they or their contract manufacturers have ISO international standards certification which states that all products should be safe, reliable and of good quality? For manufacturers of natural dietary supplements that comply with those standards in the UK it is also preferable that the company or its contract manufacturer has UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approval to ensure environmental and food safety standards are adhered to throughout all processes.

Maintaining The Standards
The manufacture of natural dietary supplements should always be carried out in an environment that complies with the very highest standards of hygiene, and DEFRA approval is an assurance that those standards are met and maintained. Their approval further ensures that required environmental guidelines are also being followed. Having official recognition from respected bodies such as ISO further ensures that the very highest standards of manufacture are always maintained at all stages of production.

Tonvara High Standards

Tonvara Natural Supplements maintains a close and personal working relationship with a well respected and highly knowledgeable local UK contract manufacturing company who have attained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification together with approval by DEFRA. They are experts in the production of natural dietary supplement tablets and capsules and currently supply the great majority of Tonvara products.

As a further reassurance, all Tonvara product labelling now conforms to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements which is not only helpful to our many US buyers but also provides detailed product information to all buyers in a consistent and concise easy to read format.

These combined standards are your guarantee of the best manufacturing practices and strict adherence to all hygiene and environmental requirements that together ensure the production of consistently high quality, safe and effective natural dietary supplements.