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Hereís what you really need to know about Ginseng - and what most sellers donít tell you!

20 July 2017  |  Admin

Ginseng has been a popular natural dietary food supplement worldwide for many decades but inevitably with time, myths and mis-information creep in.

Not All Ginseng Is Equal
Not by a long way. Some of it technically isn’t even Ginseng!! So-called American Ginseng is distantly related to genuine Ginseng but has limited benefits compared to the best Korean Panax Ginseng. For the US market it offers obvious cost benefits to producers who can dramatically reduce growing and shipping costs and increase profits, even though it is a lower grade product only vaguely associated with genuine Ginseng.
The same is true of Siberian Ginseng, which like the American version, is only a distant relative of true Korean Panax Ginseng.

Misleading Percentages
One of the most surprising facts is that some Ginseng sold as Korean is not actually produced in Korea but in laboratories in China - yes really!! The much touted “80% Ginsenosides” extract is in reality produced by cell culture in Chinese genetics laboratories. Technically it is a simple laboratory procedure to artificially produce such a high percentage of Ginsenosides but what the sellers of it don’t tell you (or don't know!) is that its potency is very dramatically reduced compared to a naturally produced genuine plant root extract. The synthetically produced “80% Ginsenosides” extract can have as little as 10% of the effectiveness of genuine plant based Korean Panax Ginseng, so for 80% read 8%!!

Improved Extraction For Genuine Root Extract
Ever improving natural production and extraction processes mean that genuine Korean Panax Ginseng is now available as a full power 20% Ginsenosides root extract, which can effectively make it up to 250% stronger than the synthetic version.
All reputable Korean Panax Ginseng is now plantation grown and is therefore not only completely natural and environmentally sustainable but its quality can be tightly controlled to produce a consistently pure and effective natural root extract with a traceable origin.

Our grateful thanks to Professor Turakhodjaev of The American Academy of Science for his invaluable professional insights into the research and development of Ginseng extract.