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Environmentally Friendly Natural Supplements

15 December 2016  |  Admin

All reputable natural dietary supplements should always be produced in hygienic and environmentally aware conditions. The ever-increasing popularity of natural supplements means that this awareness now also includes reputable sourcing of raw plant material from what was once often environmentally destructive wild harvesting to controlled and sustainable plantation cultivation.

Controlled Cultivation Environments
Some raw materials are still legally wild harvested but many of them are illegally taken from protected wild areas. Thankfully, this practise is now becoming rarer as local agencies take positive action to dissuade the perpetrators and place licensed controls on legal wild harvesting. Allied to those efforts are ever-evolving modern horticultural techniques which are finding ways of growing the raw material plants in entirely controlled plantation environments.

Controlled Processing Environments
In these managed environments their growth and yield can be fully managed, as can the process of turning the raw plant material into pure and potent extracts for the natural supplement industry. Many facilities producing those extracts have full international standards of safe and hygienic production that meet all local environmental conditions. This aims to ensure that all finished extracts are always up to the very best standards of purity and potency.

Controlled Conversion Environments
Further down the line, facilities that exist to convert the extracts into end user products such as tablets and capsules should also have the very highest standards of production that will meet or exceed international certification to further ensure that only the highest quality natural dietary food supplements are produced.

Protecting Our Planet
Environmental awareness is something that should be of concern to all of us. From planting the seed to producing the finished tablets and capsules, the natural supplement industry is ever-changing to meet the need to protect our environment. When you are choosing your supplements, look for environmental credentials to ensure you get a product that will not only be safe and effective for you but that it is also produced in harmony with our fragile ecology.