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How To Get Genuine Muscle Building Turkesterone - Updated November 2017

18 November 2017  |  Admin

Serious natural bodybuilders and sports people from many disciplines will always want to ensure that the natural dietary supplements they take to achieve specific goals are good enough to help them succeed. Genuine Turkesterone can help to make significant improvements to their muscle mass by natural protein conversion but only if it is the genuine potent extract which is grown and processed exclusively in Uzbekistan. Unfortunately what they sometimes actually get is an inconsistent and weak oriental Turkesterone-like extract or worse - an even less effective low grade Ecdysterone being passed off as Turkesterone.

Get The Best One
Whilst quality Ecdysterone is capable of limited protein conversion, Turkesterone is considered to be far superior in converting protein into solid muscle mass, particularly when combined with quality Ecdysterone, and is the preferred choice of serious bodybuilders and sports people committed to using natural ways to improve their physique and performance levels.

Potent Turkesterone Exclusive Source
Genuine Potent Turkesterone is only ever successfully extracted exclusively from one plant genus - Ajuga Turkestanica and the entire worldwide production is grown and harvested in just one region of Uzbekistan under the strict control of the government and its relevant agricultural institutions.

Beware of Low Grade Oriental Turkesterone
Oriental supplement ingredient companies are now producing very low grade Turkesterone-like extracts and whilst their adverts associate it with Ajuga Turkestanica, the small print will show it to be from Ajuga Reptans or Ajuga Decumbens which are both native to China. They have chosen these plants because they belong to the same Lamiaceae plant genus as Ajuga Turkestanica but they can only ever produce an inconsistent and much less effective Turkesterone-like extract that is below 2% as opposed to the potent and consistent minimum of 10% found in genuine Uzbekistan Ajuga Turkestanica Extract.

Different Ecdysterone Sources
Less effective Ecdysterone (aka Beta-ecdysterone or 20-hydroxyecdysone) that can be produced from several different plant sources, most of which produce low grade and inconsistent extracts, is often passed off as Turkesterone. The two main sources are Cyanotis Vaga and Rhaponticum Carthamoides (aka Leuzea Carthamoides or Maral Root) and more recently Cyanotis Arachnoidea. All of these plants can be widely grown, especially in China where they are used to make low grade extracts that are cheap to produce. Whilst it can be conceded that they will provide some limited benefits, any such gains will be relatively insignificant when compared to genuine Ajuga Turkestanica Extract.

Ecdysterone Percentages Are Not Always What They Seem!
Much of the Ecdysterone advertised from Chinese sources states a percentage of 98%, giving the impression that the extract is 98% Ecdysterone. It isn't!! That percentage merely refers to the purity of the overall dry extract. Within that material is typically only about 2% to 3% actual Ecdysterone. This contrasts sharply with Ajuga Turkestanica Extract which typically will contain more than 10% Ecdysterone as well as a total of about 20% of Turkesterone and other beneficial phytonutrients such as cyasterone, ajugalactone, ajugasterone and a-ecdysone, which are all directly related to Turkesterone and further enhance its effectiveness.

Beware Misleading Claims
There are a number of ill-informed websites erroneously claiming that these lesser Ecdysterone extracts are Turkesterone for which they feel they can charge more. Compounding the issues are claims of an impossible 40% or more Turkesterone content. The absolute maximum percentage that can be commercially produced using the latest extraction technology in Uzbekistan is around 10% and anything offered at higher percentages is definitely not genuine Turkesterone!

Get The Power of Genuine Potent Turkesterone
If you want genuine potent Turkesterone, it has to be Ajuga Turkestanica Extract sourced exclusively from Uzbekistan. Nothing else comes close to the protein converting power of this extract. There are very few websites offering the genuine extract but its powerful potential benefits for bodybuilders and sports people makes a careful search for the right source more than worthwhile.

Article updated November 2017