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Tonvara Vitamin D3 5000IU From Cholecalciferol, 125mcg / 833%

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- 833% of daily value in each tablet
- Helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus
- Vitamin D main function is to regulate calcium in the body
- Benefits general health and wellbeing
- Contributes to a healthy function of the immune system
- Promotes bone and muscle health

Effects on Bone Density


There are various factors that can lead to an individual possessing sub optimal Vitamins D levels such as:

- Being exposed to less sunlight

- Being over 65


Vitamin D is vital in promoting good bone health. Bone health is directly related to calcium levels and Vitamin Ds main function is to regulate the calcium levels in the body. Vitamin D3 is widely regarded as the most potent form of vitamin D and therefore the most effective and promoting good bone health.

Effects on the immune system

Vitamin D3 is also very helpful for the immune system. It is well known that increased vitamin D levels leads to less ricks on infection and illness.


Recommended Intake

1-2 pills per day 

Nutritional Information


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