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Maca extract is produced from the plant Lepidium Meyenii that has been extensively grown at altitudes of about 12,500 feet in Peru’s Central Highlands for as long as 2000 years. The plants produce a turnip like root in a great variety of colours including red, green, black, pink purple, yellow or cream, with yellow accounting for over a third of commercially produced plants that are dried and used to produce Maca extract.

Centuries Old Superfood
Maca has been used in Peru as a superfood for thousands of years. It is usually in powder form produced from the dried roots and should not be confused with the extract that is used in dietary food supplements. These products initially use the powder which is put through an additional high tech extraction process to produce the concentrated extract most commonly found in dietary supplements. The Peruvian use of the powder in foods as an aid to sexual vitality is widespread from traditional jams and puddings to more modern uses in smoothies and soups.

Positive Research
In the 1990’s, Dr. Qun Yi Zheng and a team of researchers discovered macamides and macaenes, two previously unknown compounds in maca. These compounds occur in relatively small quantities but their effect is significant. His experiments with animals showed these two compounds to be very powerful sexual energy enhancers. Dr. Zheng and his colleagues later published a paper that described experiments in which increased doses of the macamides and macaenes resulted in greatly increased sexual activity among the animals studied. A subsequent paper by the same authors noted similar positive results from the use of a proprietary dietary extract of Maca.

Tonvara MACA:X4 is a genuine Peruvian 4.1 extract and contains highly effective amounts of macamides and macaenes compounds.

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