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Succinic Acid - maybe you have never even heard of it but it is a vital component required by everybody for maintaining metabolic functions such as stress relief and maintaining energy levels and is also an important element in cell regeneration.

Naturally Produced By Everybody
It is naturally and continuously produced by everybody. The average amount produced by a healthy person at peak physical performance and on a perfect balanced diet is around 300mg per day. In reality modern fast paced lifestyles mean that for most people it is considerably less. This is when natural supplementation can become an option. Food grade Succinic Acid has long been regarded as a safe supplement that is widely used as a beneficial food additive and has an official GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) certification from the US FDA.

Safe Even At High Intake
It has been shown as safe to use even at relatively high intakes with sufficient physical stimulus to metabolise it. Bodybuilders and athletes are known to consume as much as 3000mg per day! Such high intakes are always part of a larger training routine and will be restricted to a period of usually no more than 10 days. During that period, the physical routines and other dietary intakes will ensure that all the Succinic Acid is fully metabolised. It will then be reduced to universally accepted limits as set out below.

Accepted Intake Formula
The internationally accepted formula for maximum daily supplementation intake is 3mg per kilo of body weight. So for someone weighing 70kg the maximum recommended regular supplement intake should be 70kg x 3mg = 210mg per day.

Found Naturally in Many Foods
Succinic Acid naturally occurs in many foods such as red grapes, seafoods, apples, cheese and some vegetables. It is also increasingly being added to staples such as bread, so there are plenty of opportunities for natural supplementation within a healthy diet. There are also natural dietary supplements, usually in the form of capsules, either as a single ingredient or added to other dietary supplement ingredients to make a supplement with added benefits.

Tonvara AjugaTurk with AmberBoost Succinic Acid
One such product is our recently introduced Tonvara AjugaTurk which combines proven AmberBoost Succinic Acid with Uzbekistan Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (ATE). Both have known adaptogenic properties for stress relief and raising energy levels and in this combination all the beneficial effects of the 10% Turkesterone and 10% Ecdysterone in ATE are amplified at a molecular level by the addition of Succinic Acid. As well as being a very effective adaptogen, this supplement combination and amplification are also of great benefit to bodybuilders and athletes who use it in conjunction with a high protein diet where it readily assists conversion of the protein into muscle mass. It also greatly enhances their stamina and exercise recovery, which are natural functions of ATE that are also amplified by the Succinic Acid.

AjugaTurk Recommended Intake
Two to four capsules a day which provides up to 200mg of daily Succinic Acid supplementation. So whether you use it as an adaptogen to help improve your metabolic balance by lowering stress levels and raising energy levels, or as an extremely efficient way to help natural protein conversion, this innovative, safe and effective dietary supplement can be an indispensable addition to your regular natural supplement intake.

Our grateful thanks to Professor Turakhodjaev of The American Academy of Science for his invaluable professional insights into the research and development of safe and effective Succinic Acid.