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Tribulus Alatus belongs to the Caltrop plant family that has more than 50 species, including Tribulus Terrestris, which is probably the best known of them all. Tribulus Terrestris is native to Bulgaria and Turkey and was, until fairly recently, the only known plant from this family to be used to produce a dietary food supplement. Most often the entire aerial parts of the plant are used to produce the extract, with the favoured origin being Bulgaria. This contrast with Tribulus Alatus that is native to the Sahara and Middle Eastern regions and only uses the fruit of the source plant.

Six Active Saponins
The active content of both extracts are saponins and Tribulus Terrestris has only one, whereas Tribulus Alatus has six of them. It is increasingly being used by bodybuilders and athletes who consider its six active saponins to be more effective than Tribulus Terrestris as a natural testosterone booster that can result in improved muscle growth, increased strength and enhanced athletic performance. Its six testosterone boosting saponins also make it a good choice for men seeking to raise their sexual vitality.

Improved Cultivation & Extraction
When Tribulus Alatus was first introduced to the market as a dietary food supplement, it was often much more expensive than Tribulus Terrestris mainly because it only uses the fruit of the plant, whereas Tribulus Terrestris most often uses all aerial parts of its source plant. Subsequent improvements in cultivation and extraction now make it possible to produce a potent extract at competitive prices comparable to Tribulus Terrestris.

Get The Genuine Extract
Tribulus Alatus is still relatively new to the market with as yet, few legitimate commercial plant sources. This results in limited supplies of the genuine extract and has led to some oriental suppliers advertising Tribulus Alatus but shipping low grade and much less effective Tribulus Terrestris. There is currently only one reputable commercial source of genuine Tribulus Alatus and it is the extract that is exclusively used to produce Tonvara T:ALATUS.

Tonvara T:ALATUS is an effective optimum potency Tribulus Alatus extract that is in easy to take small tablets produced to the highest ISO standards.

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