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Tonvara TA:200 Indonesian 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract 2.4% Eurycomanone

Tonvara TA:200 Indonesian 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract 2.4% Eurycomanone
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In Stock  

In Stock

Natural testosterone boost

Enhance sexual libido

Increase energy levels

Muscle gains for bodybuilders & athletes

600mg 1:200 Tongkat Ali extract per capsule

 Optimum 2.4% eurycomanone level

Potent Indonesian Extract
Tonvara TA:200 is a pure 1.200 Indonesian Tongkat Ali root extract. Also referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia extract, its major active compounds are quassinoids and the most active one of these is eurycomanone which can help the body to release bound testosterone and is at what is generally considered to be the optimum level of about 2.4%.

Rapid Muscle Gains
The ability of Tongkat Ali extract to help raise available testosterone levels, makes it a natural choice for natural bodybuilders and athletes who want to achieve muscle gains without any known negative side effects.

Increase Sexual Drive
Its power to help raise available testosterone levels also makes it an invaluable option for men of all ages to increase sexual vitality.

About Testosterone
Some people don't consider taking Tongkat Ali in the mistaken belief that it actually contains testosterone. Tongkat Ali does not contain any testosterone. Instead it helps enable the body to naturally release existing but unusable "bound testosterone" so that the body can then make more immediate and beneficial use of it.

Recommended Intake
One or two capsules per day.

Customer Reviews
Tonvara TA:200 Indonesian 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract 2.4% Eurycomanone
(32 Reviews):  
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Effective supplement
Sunday, 21 October 2018  |  Victor

Tonvara Tongkat Ali is very good value and quality, I find it very effective. I would recommend this supplement.

Jeg er fuld tilfreds med Tonvara
Thursday, 14 June 2018  |  Izak

Min handel med Tonvara gik fint og glat ingen problemer er fuld tilfreds. Leif

Reply from David at Tonvara:


I am fully satisfied with Tonvara

My trade with Tonvara went well and smooth with no problems.

Very good
Wednesday, 4 April 2018  |  Craig

Lots of people sell this but only a few are any good , this brand is one of them

Very good product
Friday, 23 March 2018  |  Grégory

I have been starting it for one week and half without thinking it would work. I decided to take it with ajuga, a good diet and a good training. After one week I can see the difference. My muscles are more straight and I've started loosing fat. But I have 2 questions :
- is it necessary to stop do the cycle ? (5 days to take and 2 days to stop)
During how many times is it recommended to take the product without any risks ?

Reply from David at Tonvara:

Thank you for your review Grégory,
It is recommended to cycle Tongkat Ali as per the instructions on the pack label: Example: 5 days taking the product followed by 2 days not taking it. This avoids your body building a resistance to the ingredients that may lead to lower testosterone levels.
Like all our supplements, this is an addition to your diet and as such, there are no known risks from long term use.

Tongkat Ali
Saturday, 13 January 2018  |  Rodolfo

It has only been about a week and a half since I started using this product and I have only seen minimal increase in strength; however, I play soccer twice a week and did notice better stamina during the games. This item I am pairing with the AjugaTurk for maximum effects. I hope that when fully in effect I am able to give the product 5 stars.

Reply from David at Tonvara:

As we have always said, genuine natural supplements can take time to produce their best benefits and combining Tongkat Ali with our exclusive AjugaTurk will definitely give you five star results :-)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017  |  J

It looked to me to be the same as SD-200 Genuine Tongkat Ali Extract 200:1 but without the exorbitant price. Thank You.
J Steve

Reply from David at Tonvara:

Our TA also has 50% more extract per capsule than SD-200 , so ours will probably work better as well as being a lot more affordable :-)

Really works!
Monday, 30 October 2017  |  Robin

Before writing a review I wanted to really have a good try out period with this Tongkat, the effects that I get from this Tongkat is familliar to other adaptogenic herbs I have tried and you really notice the high potency with this one. I feel more grounded as I go about my day and feel like I can do physically more with slightly less effort. Takes a little while to build up if you dose normally with slightly dry mouth as side effect. I personally like to megadose this Tongkat too as that really brings out the interesting after effects that last days after (only much worse dry mouth which unfortunately last for days as well) 5/5 Top notch stuff, will only use periodically for my own personal needs.

Reply from David at Tonvara:

Thanks for the positive review Robin - the dry mouth experience is not one we have come across before from any other users but I guess everyone's different :-)

Tongkat Ali
Tuesday, 3 October 2017  |  Alessia

Excellent products

Good product
Thursday, 29 June 2017  |  Dario

This is a very good product, it's work very well!!

Wonderful Tongkat Ali extract!
Tuesday, 6 June 2017  |  Henri

First I really thank you very much David for his professional quality service. He always answer to my questions and mails with full details and informations about Tongkat Ali and Tonvara products! Great customer support!

About the Tongkat Ali extract I can say it really works from day 1 of use from my own experience..

I can feel a rise on motivation, energy, stamina, mood, with pump muscles while training and more blood flow on all the body! 

Recovery is better and the lean effect on body seems to be due to a high % Eurycomanone in this Tongkat Ali extract because it can act like an Aromatase Inhibitor.

Definitely a wonderful Tongkat Ali extract product!


Reply from David at Tonvara:

Always happy to help Henri :-)

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