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Tongkat Ali extract with its natural testosterone boosting powers can provide dramatic enhancements of testosterone levels. This makes it the natural supplement of choice for all serious natural bodybuilders and athletes who want to achieve rapid muscle gains from including it in their training regimes without any known negative side effects.
Some potential users have concerns about taking Tongkat Ali in the mistaken belief that it actually contains testosterone. Tongkat Ali does not contain any testosterone. Its mechanism of action is to stimulate the release of "bound" testosterone already produced by the body. This is perfectly usable testosterone which is held by proteins and not released without a suitable natural stimulus such as Tongkat Ali. In most people only about 1% to 2% is available as fully unbound testosterone. Tongkat Ali can help to increase that percentage.

Increase Sexual Drive
Tongkat Ali has a long and traditional history of use by men of all ages to increase sexual drive through its legendary ability to release bound testosterone that circulates in the bloodstream, bound mostly to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Once released, it gets to work increasing sexual libido and all associated functions.

Controlled Harvesting
The best and most pure 1.200 Tongkat Ali Extract is produced exclusively in Indonesia from the carefully harvested roots of the Eurycoma Longifolia tree that are at least 10 years old. There are plantations being established but because the trees need to be at least 10 years old to produce the necessary active constituents, this is a long term project that has yet to reach the point at which trees can be harvested. They are currently wild harvested under Indonesian government licence from areas where the forest are so vast that the harvesting has acceptably minimal environmental impact. The establishment of plantations will eventually completely eliminate wild harvesting allowing for more control over the biological purity and the subsequent quality and potency of the resulting extract.
Be wary of Malaysian Tongkat Ali where wild harvesting has depleted stocks to the point where it is now illegal in many areas. Extracts that are produced from illicit harvesting are not officially controlled and can be of variable quality with risks of contaminants not found in Indonesian extracts that are subject to official quality controls. The Malaysian government is establishing plantations but they are still in the same early growth stages as those in Indonesia.

What Colour & Taste Should It Be?
There is a popular misconception that all Tongkat Ali extract should always be dark brown and should always taste bitter. This is not true and is invariably propagated by sellers of dark brown and very bitter extracts (often indiscriminately and possibly illegally wild harvested) in an attempt to boost their own sales by discrediting other reputable and ethical sellers. The main active ingredient in good Tongkat Ali, and the one that is responsible for enhancing testosterone release and other beneficial attributes, is eurycomanone which is actually snow white in its purest form. Recently a better scientific understanding of the raw material has helped to evolve more efficient methods of extraction that produce a potent lighter coloured finished extract. These more efficient ways of producing the extract also contribute to a taste that is less bitter than earlier extracts.

Optimum Purity & Potency
Harnessing the power of the latest cutting edge extraction technology allows for maximum purity and potency. Tonvara TA:200 has a high level of quassinoids and the most effective of these is eurycomanone. This is the component that can help the body to release bound testosterone and is at a level of about 2.4%, which is considered to be optimum for best performance. It is also considered to be a much more accurate measure of the strength of this extract and is expected to become the standard future measure.

Tonvara TA:200 Genuine Potent 1:200 Indonesian Tongkat Ali Extract